Youth Sambilan at Kurtumgarh Parish,

On 12th October one-day youth programme was organized at Kurtumgarh Parish, Kandhamal.  Rev. Fr. Jibanta Kumar Nayak, the assistant parish priest, Raikia was the resource person.  More  than 100 youth from the villages belonging to Kurtumgarh parish had gathered together to gain some experiences to make their living more creative, active and strengthen their faith.  At 10.oo a.m. Fr. Jasmanta Pradhan, the assistant priest welcomed the youth and asked them to introduce themselves. Sr. Annie Theyattil congratulated them for attending the camp.  She narrated Don Bosco’s dream of the dragon and the Rosary.  October being the month of the Holy Rosary she told them to pray the rosary devoutly and regularly to overcome the problems in life.


The camp began with the lighting of the lamp followed by the talk.  Fr.Jibanta helped them to reflect on four seasons of life; spring, summer, monsoon and winter.  He compared this with one’s own life.  A person has to face this four seasons in life.  Spring; childhood days, Summer; holding responsibility, monsoon: difficulties in life, winter; old age.  Through this imagery he enlightened them on the value of a human life and its worth.  Sr. Shanti Tirkey helped them to refresh themselves with a self composed Odia action song.  At the end of the talk Fr. Jibanta divided them into four groups and gave them two questions to discuss, and decide some action plan.DSC01078.JPG

Sr. Prisca Bara assisted them during the group discussion. They felt good and mostly all the group agreed to be a good natured and responsible youth.

Sr. Shanti asked the youth the 14 works of mercy and the winner was rewarded. The youth day concluded with Eucharistic celebration followed by fellowship meal.  We hope to have more gathering of young people to orient them for better life.



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