BIBLE CAMP for Oratorians

Bible personages.JPG

25th September 2016 was an important day for our Oratorians from Banglatoli, Colussinagar and Sahera. 93 children of different age groups had gathered together. We began with the enthronement of the Bible. Sr. Rosalia presented the parable of the sower and invited them to be the good soil and produce good fruits. After the introductory talk the children were divided into eight groups. Sr. Mukta Kerketta. presented the Gospel of St. Luke in a nutshell since all the activities were based on St. Luke’s Gospel. Then the children sat in their groups to prepare mimics, group songs, and fancy dress on competition basis. This was followed by the group presentation.


The children participated actively and enjoyed every activity. In the afternoon action songs and the parable of the lost sheep were presented. The children were prepared for the Sacrament of Reconciliation through a power point presentation. Everyone exchanged the sign of peace.  After few outdoor games the children went home happily with sweets.



Sacred Heart Novitiate Ranchi.




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