Spiritual Retreat held for the teachers at Auxilium Barasat

On the 6th of October, a spiritual retreat for all the Catholic teachers of Auxilium Convent School Barasat was organized in the school chapel. Rev. Fr. Biji Thomas SDB, the rector of Don Bosco Liluah conducted the retreat. It commenced with a soulful hymn and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The first part of the session began with the reading of the scriptures which facilitated us to understand how our thoughts can lead us to commit sins. It is not only through our action but we can be tempted by our evil thoughts  that are unclean.


The second part of the session mainly concentrated on the parables of the Gospel like the ‘Prodigal son’ and ‘The Good Samaritan.’ These parables teach us to reach out to people in need and think of the common good. We should not focus on things that we  ought not to do rather do the things that please God. Father, then explained to us that our body is a temple of God and our actions should always bring glory to God.The next moments were spent in prayer to make a good and fruitful confession.

The retreat was concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist. It was an enriching experience for all of us as we could ponder over our lives and grow deeper in our faith. At the end of the Eucharistic celebration Fr. Distributed a picture of St. Theresa of Kolkata and Sr. superior gifted us with a rosary each and recommended us to pray the Holy Rosary daily. It was a great opportunity provided to all the teachers by all the sisters. At the end of this fruitful retreat Ms. Isabella Anthony thanked Fr. Biji Thomas on behalf of all the teachers for transforming our lives with the word of God, Sacrament of reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. She also thanked the management for arranging this special day and taking care of our spiritual as well as material needs. ( Ms.Anumita Rozario)


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