Extempore and Debate Competition


On the bright sunny morning of 29th September the students of ACS Barasat gathered in the auditorium for the Interhouse Extempore and Inter house Debate Competition organised by the Literary club and Quiz and debate club respectively. The Extempore event began at 8:30 A.M. One of our teachers Ms. Saswati and our Vice Principal Sr. Mary John were the judges. Marks were awarded on the criteria of content, flow of speech, etc. The four houses presented their innovative views on topics like global warming, pollution, superstitions, peer presure etc.


This was followed by the Debate competition. Marks were awarded on the basis of refutal, diction, relevance to topic etc. The motion was “Education system and not value system is the need of present times.” A war of words ensued as the members of four houses showed their intellect and opinions for and against the motion. After a well reasoned, heated debate all of us came to the conclusion that both the value and education system are co-related and both are of the extreme importance for the stability of society.

 Bipasha Bhowmick

Class – IX B


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