Community Day Celebration  at Auxilium  Kalyani     



“Build up a deep relation with Jesus through personal prayer and a fruitful Sacramental life resulting in attitudes of forgiveness, mercy and compassion,so everyone will approach us freely and spontaneously” was our theme as we prepared to celebrate our Community Day on 29 September  in joy and gratitude to one another, along with our boarders, co-workers and the poor families we had been visiting this period of time.

 The Vigil Service , well prepared, led us to reflect on articles 56 and 62 of our Constitutions, laying focus on the Community of Mornese, making our community” the house of the love of God”. The Morning Prayer , through a simple Power Point Presentation enabled us reflect that each of us is a lamp that lights up the world, invoking God to fill our hearts with his love, our eyes with his light and our soul with his peace to be for all, channels of God’s mercy, compassion and love.

Fr. Sicelebrationby sdb in his brief homily wonderfully connected the feast of the Archangels to today’s celebration. To build a wonderful community, each of us must play roles of Michael- the Protector to all members: Gabriel, the messenger of Good news for all as did our Blessed Mother: and Raphael, the healer, each got to be a healer to one another. He said Don Bosco gave much importance to Community. Yet we often get so disconnected without even knowing each other deeply. Jesus too had a community of disciples of different characters, yet they lived together in perfect harmony and love. Our community ought to be the structure of a pyramid, with Jesus at the top and we, as we come closer to Jesus we come closer to one another.

The agape was also a wonderful moment of a family gathering especially where we invited some 10 poor family members to join us in this celebration. Sarees were distributed to a few old women who were very grateful. By 2 p.m. the boarders entertained the whole group through song, dance, comic and drama. The day ended in a note of joy, gratitude, hope and peace for the joy of the Lord was our strength.




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