Celebrations at Auxilium Convent School, Barasat


Teacher’s Day

On 3rd September, squeezing timeout of their hectic schedules, the teachers and the students alike put up with a wonderful Teacher’s Day. It harped on love and respect with which teachers nurture the students and aimed at conveying some talent gratitude towards their pedagogues. It was an analgam of the tiny todders rhyming song, older one’s mellifluous notes, a modern dance and a bid to reminiscise the past days of class twelve. With a final dash of matching steps, the event was a note of unmatched love to our pedagogues who follow the great legend Dr. Sarvapalli Radakrishnan. This event which had surely been a success was only due to the ardent efforts of our Principal Sr. Clara Saminathan.

Debasree Pal

Gratitude Day.jpg

Foundation Day & Gratitude Day

On 5th August, 2016 the students of Auxilium Convent School Barasat gathered in the Auditorium to celebrate Foundation Day as well as the Gratitude Day. The celebration started with the lighting of the lamp accompanied by a melodious song, a speech thanking the sisters and the offering of fragrant flowers bouquets and hand – made cards and prayer dance performed by the students of Middle School. A heartwarming song “you raise me up” and an instrumental performance conveyed the feeling of gratitude. These performances were followed by a PowerPoint presentation dedicated to Sr. Superior. A dance performance rejuvenated us all. Thus the programme came to an end with the smiling faces of the students.

Mayurakshi Chaudhuri

 Class IX – B

 AUXIAURA  - 2016.jpg


It was on the morning of 12th August 2016 when seventeen schools along with the host school merged together into the epitome of the grand celebration of Auxi Aura Giubileo D’ Argento. The school pathway was embellished with the school flags of the different schools who entered the fest to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the school.

By afternoon the games were over and then the participants had to assemble to the auditorium for the last on stage event Auxie Tape. All the schools were in a festive mood and in the heart of hearts were anxious about the results of the events. Soon after the event got over, the audience were entertained by the Boys Dance put up by the high School boys. This special performance was like a topping on the cake of Auxi Aura. Not only did they groove to the beats but also lifted the audience to their heels.

By 10 o’clock at night the fest was finally over. The tired yet exuberant students headed their way back home leaving the celebration Auxi Aura Giubileo D’ Argento a successful and memorable one.

Aishwarya Biswas

Class -XII


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