R.K.Puram -Recollection day (1).JPG

To experience God’s Mercy and in preparation for the provincial community day, half day recollection  was organized by the communities of R.K. Puram and Vasant Vihar jointly on 17th September 2016. 24 catholic teachers of the school participated in the service conducted at Holy Child Auxilium, R.K. Puram. The programme consisted of a Talk by Fr. Joe Arimpoor sdb, Reconciliation service with facilities for individual confessions, and Holy Mass. The whole programme took place from 8am-11am. in an atmosphere of silence and recollection. Fr. Joe spoke on living out mercy by not hoisting the FLAG (Fear, Loss – sadness, Anger, Guilt). Guilt was considered as a common denominator in the FLAG. When it is hoisted, you can be in danger and the lowering of the FLAG (before sunset!) is your decision, he said. Learn to “put a pause button” when you get angry, he added. The day’s programme was concluded with the Holy Mass. During the homily he invited everyone to be rooted in Christ and be nourished by the Word of God in order to be fruitful in our ministry. The teachers expressed their gratitude for the spiritual help given and requested to have similar programmes monthly.


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