Auxi Family –  From Mornese to Thecho

Community day 1.JPG

Community Day was celebrated on 3-4 September at Thecho with the theme “Make Thecho into Mornese”.  Four weeks of spiritual preparation was a challenge taken from the spirituality of Mother Mazzarello namely  “Let’s go to Mazzarelli, the house of Mother Mazzarello’s birth, Let’s go to Valponasca where a little window bears witness to the contemplative glance of Maria Domenica, Let’s go to collegio to find a well in the courtyard, symbol of the life, struggle and purification of communion in the spirit of ‘Vado io, facio io’,  Let’s go to the work room to lend our ear to the question of Mary Mazzarello “what time is it?”

In this year of mercy we were called to be “Merciful like the Father”. Often it was more demanding and challenging while dealing with the children of  different temperaments. At the same time we would enjoy their laughter’s and active presence. As part of the celebration, we had ‘a day with the Lord’ and all the children had an opportunity to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Community Day.JPG

Sr. Maria Goretti led us in prayer followed by the offering of flowers to each other as a sign of forgiveness and peace. We entered the chapel in procession holding a heart with Sr. Supeior in front. Sr. Arockia Aruna led us in prayer. The Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Florence Demta SDB the rector of Siddhipur began with a thanksgiving chant and an introduction by Sr. Abhai Kishori Minj.  In his homily Fr. Florence spoke on community life and family Spirit. After the Mass the children greeted everyone with festive song. It was followed by a sumptuous meal together with all the invitees. In the evening colorful pomps and a cultural programme were put up. Sr. Superior appreciated the lively performances and invited the boarders to keep up the spirit of Mornese. Sr. Superior gave a surprising gift to all the boarders and encouraged them to go ahead in life with confidence in the spirit of “Vado io”.



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