On Wednesday, 31st August 2016 at Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum, Class XI C students presented Pope Francis and his cherished ideals of mercy. They started the programme with Pope Francis’ prayer for the Jubilee year of Mercy followed by a dance performance. It portrayed how mercy comes amidst us, the deprived mortals. After the dance, they presented a skit subtitled ‘whoever is thirsty come to me and drink’. The skit was about a woman who had been convicted of committing adultery. The local people brought her before Jesus and asserted that as per the ancient law of Moses, the woman should be stoned to death. Jesus, the source of eternal mercy, immediately said, “Whoever among you has never committed a sin will throw the first stone.” All the people withdrew. The Lord’s mercy saved the woman’s life. With the skit the old adage “to err is human, to forgive is divine” is proved true again.

Soon after, a song followed – ‘Blot our offence make us worthy. Lord have mercy. The crux of the programme came to the fore with a clipping. A short video showed Pope Francis message to the youth which he delivered on the XXXI World Youth Day  held in Krakow, Poland. The video shows how Pope Francis asked the young people of today to believe in prayers, Sacraments and the power that lies within them. Pope Francis also asked us to be an ardent disciple of Jesus and follow His message of mercy. “Listen to your hearts and fly high,” says Pope Francis. The clipping showed how Pope Francis interacts with ordinary people and transforms them into extraordinary people for the Lord.

The programme ended with Sr. Principal’s message that mercy is the essence of a forgiving mind.

Aayushi Ganguly

XI ‘C’




  1. Dear Sr.Easter and staff congratulation for encouraging the students to be become aware of the Loving and Merciful Father that we have through the short plays and dramas. Let us experience His Mercy in our lives and be merciful towards each other. Therefore, be the first to forgive and to show mercy and compassion to those who are in need.

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