Gratitude Day  held at Auxilium Kalyani


On 23 August 2016, the students and staff of Auxilium Kalyani expressed their gratitude through a welcome address, songs, rhymes, dances and skits to make this day a joyful and thankful one for Sr. Rosina Thomas, our animator whose name feast occurs this day. It was the glittering stars and angels of the Pre Nursery and Nursery, the Brown girls in the ring, the beautiful flowers that blossoms in the garden are loved by everyone by the students of Class 1 and 2 “aamra gacher choto choto ful , “ hare re  re “ by the girls alone. They also expressed their love for our Mother land India through a dance describing its beauty. God Almighty Father watches over us with love. So the students expressed this in an action song Anondo Lokhe with burning lamps. The   class 3 and 4 students performed their rhythmic steps to the song: dola re dola.   Sr. Rosina expressed her love and gratitude for the beautiful program set up by the sisters, staff and students, encouraging them to utilize their talents and gifts for the good and happiness of others. She also thanked them for the gift of 2 sound boxes and a microphone presented to the school which will be set up in the school hall. Nothing ends best without the distribution of sweets to the children as they left the school premises. Thereafter the staff was ushered to our residence to share snacks and tea as they offered their gift for the community and expressed their love and gratitude too

love & gratitude.jpg


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