DAY WITH GOD held at HC Auxilium, R.K.Puram

Day with God (1)


On 13th August 2016, hour of grace filled the air at Holy Child Auxilium, R. K.Puram for the little ones who spent half a day in close union with Jesus. “Jesus loves the little children and shows mercy” was the theme of the day. 65 children of classes III & IV spent the time fruitfully in singing and praising Jesus the merciful Saviour. Sr. Perumpettikunnel Lily together with Sr. Minj Anima organized and conducted the prayer moments. With the help of a short clipping on Bl.Mariam Theresia,  children were encouraged to love Jesus in a personal and child-like manner. Here are some of the echoes from the children themselves: “I will help others  in need like Blessed Theresia”; “I will talk to Jesus as if to my close friend”; “I will be a good girl and love everyone”.  The day with God was concluded with a thanksgiving prayer and seeking God’s blessings

Day with God (2)


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