Thank you God, I am healed !



I am Raja Digal, the son of Isaka and Kalimai Digal.  I am suffering from fewer blood counts in my body so every month I am in need of blood.  On 16th of July 2016 I had high fever due to less blood and doctor had told my mother to arrange blood for me.  Due to poverty my parents could not arrange for the blood and were in desperate, almost given hope.  Finally in the evening at 6.00pm, my mother run to sisters’ house and told the matter and requested to come and pray for me.  So the three sisters Shanti Tirkey, Prisca Bara and Ranjita Nayak with Mrs. Udyana Nanda, Atul Nanda and Sajan Nayak came and prayed for me.  They sprinkled and made me to drink the holy water over me and in our room.  Soon after it I was brightened up, I sat down and ate a piece of apple.  My parents, younger brother Thomas, my elder sisters Rani and Nireli were very happy.  We all thanked the Lord for giving my health back.  From that day my mother had a thought of offering a chicken to the sister.  And finally she managed to get the chicken on the 3rd of August.  I went with my mother to offer the chicken to the sisters as a token of my sincere gratitude to God and them.  Till today I am fine healthy and strong.  I and my family believe that I am healed from my sickness.



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