AINACS  Seminar



The 1st AINACS (All India Association of Catholic Schools) Seminar, 2016 was held at Kolkata, Nitika from 29th -31st July 2016 with the theme:”Gearing up for Effective Management and Administration of our Catholic Schools in the context of the current socio-political scenario and New Educational Policy”. 90 religious and priests from all over India participated in it. 10 sisters from the Kolkata province participated in this Seminar. The main resource person for these days was Fr. Joseph Manipadam sdb, Secretary to CBCI for Education and Culture.

The topics dealt with were the following:

  • Run up for the New Education Policy
  • Maintaining Relevance in Catholic Schools
  • Basics of School Administration regarding Service Rules, PF, ESI, Gratuity, Fee Fixation.
  • Child Right and Child Protection Policy
  • Church Response to the expected challenges.

Some inputs for the Draft Educational Policy 30th June 2016 were indicated by Smriti Irani – Ministry of human Resource Development – Govt, of india.

Worth mentioning and including was a Session by Fr. Joe Thannickal sdb, rector of Nitika on Quality Pastoral Leadership in our world, in our time , and in our local contexts where Scripture is our main inspiration “You received without charge, Give without charge” (Mt. 10:8) focusing on the positive qualities of giving viz¨1 generous, 2 whole hearted, 3. With love, avoiding the opposites, namely a group that is too calculating, grudging, or with hate in our hearts. Therefore to affirm this it starts with service, and grows with service, teaching us to serve God’s people effectively and with benefit for those we serve and for ourselves. A Catholic Climate response from the message of our Holy Father Pope Francis through Laudo Si was a great boost to realize the worth of Catholic education, as he quotes “Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools. Education is an act of love; it is like giving life. (Pope Francis) .  Fr. K.J.Antony sdb , National General Secretary, too put us on a strong pedestal when ,through his thought provoking sessions led us to realize who a true principal is.  Amazing! He/she, a VIP, called to be a Vision – Inspiration – Performer. He laid stress as to a principal being and Administrator and an Animator, for which the latter is very essential- to become “person centered” through discussion, sharing and relationship, thus making our schools ‘homes’ where a good atmosphere prevails.   Finally through the course of these days we also got to understand and realize that “Education is a Ministry , not a money making racquet” . The seminar was very informative, instructive and worthwhile. We are grateful to all the animators who led us through this great event these days keeping us informed that Education is always on the progress and dynamic in this new era.




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