Economers’ Meet


The Economers’ Meet was held from 15 – 17 July 2016 at Provincial House Auxilium, Dum Dum. 22 Economers participated in the meeting. It was organized by Sr.Annie Thevarkunnel, the Provincial Economer. In the introductory talk Provincial Sr.Rose Ezarath helped the participants to understand the meaning of the economer and highlighted three important values that are essential to be an efficient economer. She said that administration is not only taking care of the house but reaching out to the mission especially the poor.


 Sr. Annie handled the topics of TDS, STDS, society and salary. She urged the participants to keep in mind the rules of the Church, Institute and of the nation. In the afternoon lawyer Mr. Tapas Chowdhury, dealt with the rules of Civil Law and stressed the need to update.


The last session was on auditing account and bank account taken by Mr. Sanjay, the auditor. Sisters were enriched and doubts were clarified. He urged the sisters to be more accurate in the works and to be aware of the present demands of the government. Sr. Provincial concluded the meeting by appreciating and encouraging the sisters by saying, “Trust in the Lord and carry out the mission with love and commitment.”


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