Annual Spiritual Retreat at Janta H.S. School Jumaikela


The students and teaching staff of Janta H.S. School Jumaikela had their annual spiritual retreat from 7th July to 9th July 2016. The retreat began around 11.00 a.m. animated by   Bro. Simon and Bro. Reggie James from Lurd Dipa Jharkhand. Bro. Simon began the session with action songs. It was followed by Bro. Reggie James’s session with video clippings. He shared   his own life experience.

During the retreat the animators spoke about self-esteem, kindness and character building. They made the participants to become aware of their own life, where they stand and the goal of their life.  Through the power-point presentations, action songs and videos clips they were able to convince the participants that they are precious in the sight of God and to each other.  They were invited to live their lives happily and meaningfully.


The last day of the retreat the students were invited to share their experience of the retreat. Many of them said that they want to be kind and become good children of God .We thank and praise God for this wonderful experience the students had during the retreat.seminar.



On the last day of the retreat there was orientation program for teachers. The questions they put forward were who is an effective teacher and who is an educator? The animators explained to the staff every idea point by point and helped them to understand the value and role of a teacher. They were told that a teacher should be a mother to all the children especially to the poor and weak students.  The students and staff expressed their gratitude to the animators for their availability.





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