Starting afresh at Auxilium Convent Barasat


On 7th July 2016, the community of Auxilium Convent, Barasat  raised  a hymn of gratitude to the Almighty for the gift of all the community members especially the new members. It commenced with the Eucharistic celebration in the morning, and in the evening the whole community gathered around the well decorated chapel for the Adoration. The altar was decorated with a chain made of different colours to indicate our union with God and  with one another in spite of the  diversities and the names of all the community members as well as various groups of the Educating community. Adoration began with a hymn inviting the assembly to be united in the Lord and with each other. The sisters, representatives of the boarders, teachers and other collaborators carried a lighted candle to the altar. During the Adoration each one expressed their gratitude to God for the gift of each and every member of the community and implored his blessings on each one and the educative mission. This meaningful Adoration led everyone to experience the spiritual communion among ourselves.

Auxilium Barasat


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