Foundation day celebration at Auxilium Snehalaya

SnehalayaOn 24th June 2016, Auxilium Snehalaya celebrated the foundation day with gratitude and joy. Picnic to Deer Park was part of the celebration. It was indeed an enjoyable day for all the girls along with the sisters and the staff. A moment of togetherness, the beautiful nature and the wonderful creation of God helped us to marvel at God’s love.



On the following day on 25th June 2016, the foundation day was celebrated with a short felicitation.  It was begun with short speech about activities, songs, poems and dance. After the programme Sr. Gracy, the animator of the house gave a motivational massage to all. She appreciated the girls for the beautiful programme and encouraged them to become fine persons.





One thought on “Foundation day celebration at Auxilium Snehalaya

  1. Congratulations on all of you at Snehalaya. We are happy to see you all happy and making the meaning of ‘snehalaya ‘ come true. How old is snehalaya now? Since you celebrated it so happily in the deer park and on the stage, it might have begun at the altar thanking God for its beginning in a rented house, then shifting to a single house then joining with another became such a beautiful clean house with wonderful loving children living in it ! Fantastic growth! We thank God for giving such marvellous growth to Snehalaya . I hope these lovely girls staying with loving sisters will become great personalities in the near future. Keep up ! keep growing…Snehalaya! Cheers!!

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