An Auspicious Day at Auxilium Snehalaya


On 16th June 2016 was an auspicious day for sisters and children of Snehalaya. All of them were excited to welcome Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath and all the provincial councilors. The children of Snehalaya welcomed the sisters with garlands, cards, a short programme and by sharing the report of Snehalaya.


All the sisters appreciated the talents of the children and congratulated them. Provincial Sr. Rose and Sisters exhorted the children to pray, to do good deeds and to give their hundred percent in their studies, to respect and listen to the elders and learn many things for life. They told them to help one another and achieve their goal so that in return they too may be able to help the poor and abandon.  Sisters expressed that their only desire to see all of them doing well in their life. At the end sisters and children of Snehalaya thanked Mother Provincial and sisters for their support.




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