In an emotional atmosphere the students, staff and management of the school bid adieu to our dear  Superior Sr. Teresa Ruben, on 20th May, 2016, at H. C. Auxilium School campus. The programme commenced with felicitating the Superior with bouquet of flowers  and cards wishing her good luck.
The school Head girl,in her nostalgic speech, expressed her sincere and heartfelt thanks on behalf of the school for Superior’s selfless service rendered to the institution.
A beautiful self-composed poem was recited by Feba Bovas of class IX. This was followed by a melodious song sung by the school choir. Superior Sr. Ruben then addressed the gathering, expressing her love and affection towards us and all her time spent in the school. The programme concluded with a thanksgiving speech by the school vice head girl.


Self Composed Poem by Feba Bovas

When I sat down to write this poem

I found myself in a dilemma

A dilemma of whether I should portray you

Differently than your image in my head.


Now don’t get offended

For I was utterly confused at this matter so trifling

Because as far back as I could remember your face here,

I remembered it smiling.


Smiling through speeches ,programs , songs, and dances

And if I dare say so, sometimes even through your rare scoldings.

So then, should I have taken my chances?

But then I think I’ll just stick with  a simple ”Thank You”.


Thank you for being here for us

Ever  ready to help in every step of the way.

Thank you for steering and guiding us

When we went hopelessly astray.


Thank you for every single thing that you did throughout your stay,

Thank you for all the hope and encouragement you threw our wayward way.

I could say it in a hundred different ways;

‘gracias’ in Spanish,the French ‘ Je Vous remercie’ or the Arabic ‘ shukran’

But I shall just stick to the simple and the known,

Words often spoken yet seldom understood ‘Thank you’.


I say this for you seemed to understand

And I assure you; all I say is true.

And what I have to say is just one final, tiny thing

Thank you, for being you.


– Feba Bovas


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