A summer camp was held at Auxilium, Dum Dum as soon as the summer holidays began. It was conducted by Mr. Cha Jihwan, Director, International Youth Fellowship ( IYF) of Kolkata.  It was scheduled for three days, our students 185 of them from classes 3-8 participated in it. The Director of the camp Mr. Cha Jiwan and his team of 16 members of IYF, offered an exciting combination of International development programme for our children.

The International Youth Fellowship is a worldwide youth organization formed in South Korea by prominent people from different fields and levels in order to develop mindsets for the upcoming generation. Mr. Cha Jiwan through his lecture, and video clips focused on providing the growing kids strong minds, capable of overcoming whatever hardship they face in life and become the leaders of the next generation. The dances and other interactive sessions enabled our children for a global cultural exchange with each other in particular with their friends.  Another creative and fun filled enjoyment for them was the activities conducted for different classes by the team. The activities they participated were mini Olympics, folk dance, taekwondo class, (karate) Korean cultural dances and language and painting. The participants grabbed every opportunity to explore new learning, and enjoyed self- expression.  Through these activities the IYF team guided the participants to acquire a healthy mind and a benign heart.


Veronica Adhikary one of the students of class 8 thanked the Director and the IYF team, on behalf of all the participants, and also expressed words of appreciation to Sr. Superior and Sr. Principal for providing them with wonderful opportunity and the vice Principal for her constant presence with them. The participants said, “ We have enjoyed  a lot and  we  have become courageous  to face little problems,  and will always treasure  the theme  the three “C”s  Challenge, Change, Cohesion”.


The organizers appreciated the whole hearted cooperation of the students who were so happy and enthusiastic always and the assistance of the sisters and teachers who were there to guide them. The IYF team sincerely esteemed the effort and co-operation of Auxilium family in making this camp a successful one.

Sr. Jancy Valliyil




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