DSC00571On the day of Pentecost 26 sisters of Kolkata province, started their Annual Retreat at Sacred Heart Novitiate Ranchi from 15th – 22nd May. The retreat was preached by Fr. Shilanand Kerketta SDB, rector of Kokar. At the beginning of the retreat Sr. Rose Ezarath, provincial asked us to bless each other, and then she by her inspiring thought encouraged us to make good use of these eight days and especially to waste our time in front of the Lord. Truly we were happy to waste our time in front of our Divine Master from dawn to dusk. The  Preacher  in his talks focused on the different dimensions of religious life. He mainly spoke of two dimensions of love: love of God and love of neighbor, since our hearts are not meant to be empty but to love. Our consecrated life is a process of searching the ultimate good: Jesus.

There are many to whom  we would like to express our thanks firstly to the Almighty God for His  blessings upon us during these eight days, Fr. Shilanand Kerkatta for helping us to have God experience and teaching us the importance of praying before the blessed sacrament, Provincial Sr. Rose Ezarath for being our constant support and guide to be closer to God, Sr. Rosalia Tirkey and her community for their generous service, Sr. Teresa Pulickathadathil and her Community for their availability and last but not the least we thank all our community members and all those who supported us through their payers. The retreat helped us to believe: “Love, Love, Love no other way but we are going out to be God’s Love to others”.

By Sr. Dominica Thapa




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