On 22nd May was a very blessed day for these eight juniors: Sr. Francis Lourdu Prema, Sr.Minj Sandhya Sudha, Sr. Marak Mary Siljera, Sr. Tigga Neera, Sr. Nayak Ranjita, Sr. Nayak Rinki, Sr. Thapa J. Dominica and Sr.Maria Louis Suzan as they renewed their vows in the hands of Provincial. Sr. Rose Ezarath, during the  holy Eucharist at 6.30 am at Sacred Heart Novitiate Ranchi. Sisters were led  for the Holy Eucharist with an entrance  dance holding lilies in their hands which were placed at the foot of the altar. The celebrant Fr. Shilanand Kerketta in his homily invited the participants to be a sign of God’s love to everyone and especially to the young. Being the Trinity Sunday we were also invited by the celebrant to be united with Jesus like the Holy Trinity. After the homily the sisters renewed their vows and were welcomed once again in the Institute. With joy in our hearts we were determined to live our consecrated life to the full carrying God’s love in our hearts, His wisdom in our lips and Holy Spirit in our actions.



By Sr. Dominica Thapa


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