A MEMORABLE JOURNEY… (Ranchi to Jumaikela)



23rd May at 8.30 am we left Ranchi with excitement,

Towards Jumaikela as our bus drove in all amazement.

We forty of us were eagerly waiting to reach our destination,

As we crossed rivers and valleys, forest and plains with all our admiration.


Our bus resounded with the sounds of laughter,

To give our journey a sweet memory after.

Then suddenly the bus made a halt,

It was just like; to our journey adding salt.


Then suddenly it stopped at the middle of the forest,

So we could enjoy the black berries and rest.

An hour of halt refreshed all of us,

that we could go smoothly in the bus.


We experienced sun and rain,

Which the Lord sent it for our gain.

No sooner we were there for two hours, once again the bus stopped,

Feeling tired many of us walked.


The four hours journey turned into ten hours,

We reached Jumaikela only at evening seventh hour.

All the sisters were in panic about our not reaching,

Then when we reached to Jesus they were praising.


It’s all the will of the Lord to experience his Love,

Since nothing happened to any one at all.

Everything was safe and sound with everyone,

So we thanked the Lord  all together in tons.


Sr. Dominica Thapa



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