Mother Mazzarello is honoured  at Auxilium Convent, Barasat

Mass -2

With much joy and enthusiasm the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello the co-foundress was celebrated at Auxilium Convent Barasat on 13 May 2016. All the invitees added more joy in the celebration of the feast of our Co-foundress. Rev. Fr. Matthew George SDB the Provincial secretary of Kolkata province celebrated the Holy Eucharist along with two other con- celebrants. The boarders through their entrance dance led the celebrant towards the alter. In the introduction it was highlighted how Mary Mazzarello trusted in the mercy of God and enabled her sisters to experience His mercy.

Eucharistic celebration In his homily               Rev. Fr. Matthew George emphasised on her sense of wisdom through which she provided opportunities for the education of girls. She possessed wisdom and an extraordinary sense of reading the signs of the time. She lived and worked for the Lord and trained the girls in skills for their honest living. If we live and work for the Lord, He will provide everything that we require. He also explained the four minutes talk of Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel before his election. He compared his practicality with the life of Mother Mazzarello and her system of education for the young. The lively singing enabled everyone to take active part in the Holy Eucharist. Mother Mazzarello celebrationThen followed the cultural programme by aspirants and boarders; the aspirants put up a colourful prayer dance and the boarders displayed the life of Mary Mazzarello and her tireless patience in saving the young souls especially the soul of Emma Ferrero. The festal songs and dances made the celebration gorgeous. The celebration ended with a fellowship meal. Indeed the day came to an end but the joy and memory of the celebration still lingers in the memory lane.

Sr. Basanti FMA



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