Bible Camp Conducted at H.C. Auxilium – R.K. Puram

Bible camp (1)

H.C. R.K. PURAM: A three day Bible Camp was conducted for the catechism students of Classes IV and V at Holy Child Auxilium School, R.K. Puram from May 16-18, 2016. It took place from 8am-11.30am with the theme: Jesus, the merciful face of the Father. The camp was planned and conducted with the active involvement of two of our catholic past pupils Jenifer Massey and Alvita Gonzalves. 60 children participated in the camp. They were welcomed into the well prepared school hall with the accompaniment of the music. The inaugural ceremony began with the enthronement of the Children’s Bible. A group of children accompanied the bearer of the Bible with a garland and incense sticks while the entire group sang the bhajan “Vajan Thera Prabhu”. Homage was paid to the Word of God through a dance “The B-I-B-L-E” and an action song “Jesus loves me”. It was followed by the reading of the Word of God “The Sower”. Sr. Lily then explained the meaning of the Word just heard inviting the children for their feedback. She exhorted them to be the good soil in order to gain the maximum from the three days camp and thereafter she declared the Bible camp open. Bible camp (2)This was followed by the ice breaking session during which the children were divided into five groups of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and Jonah. The three days were filled with activities and experiences of various types based on the Bible: Prayer sessions, Action songs, games, Story-telling, Skits, Quiz, singing and drawing competitions etc. The children were very active and showed much interest in learning new things. All the groups vied with one another to be the best group. The winners of the competitions were awarded with prizes and the best camper too was recognized for her all round performance. All the children felt that they have learnt a lot during these three days of the Bible camp and they are determined to love Jesus more and more and to make Him known and loved in their day to day lives.

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