She was a mother, a woman

Mother Mazzarello

She was a mother, a woman who defined the word “grace”

She  was a God send gift she was a lady who shall be remembered for eternity.

With her love we walk an extra mile.

Our day made joyous with her smile.

Her presence blossoms our existence

She is our benefactor, our protective fence.

She restrains us from all wrongful deeds

Her divine embrace is what we need .

However harsh and cruel is the reality.

She softens it try her mystical beauty.

We shall give her our soul and heart.

To learn from her the merciful art

We want her by our side

To be our teacher, to be our guide

The heaven stands witness to her sacrifice

How she was there to soothe human cries

Mornese is grateful to her compassion

Serving others being her only passion

She loved us without any condition

She led our way to an angelic revelation

The charismatic founder of Salesian sisters

The message of love in her ears whispered

She becomes our power, our strength

With her inspiration, we can reach up to any length

We strive to walk in the path she shows.

As messenger of mercy we want to grow

She is blessed by the good Lord.

In her we have encountered God.

By Swapnila Chakraborty,  XB.

Auxilium Bandel



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