St. Mary Mazzarello is honoured at Auxilium Kalyani


St.Mary MazzarelloThe Novena’s practical practices for the feast of our beloved Mother Mazzarello was indeed a sure help on a strong footing in imitation of her virtues of love, compassion and mercy. Reading of the Cronistoria Volume II enabled us reflect and drink deeply, the spirit of the Institute in its nascent stage. The beautifully decorated portrait of Mother Mazzarello was a constant reminder and invitation to love her and tread her path of life. During the tridum for our Morning Prayer cum meditation we had beautiful themes to reflect upon: 1. The entire life story of Mother Mazzarello 2. Open to the Horizon and 3. Drink Deeply. The dawn of this beautiful feast culminated in the celebration of the solemn Hoy Eucharist concelebrated by Rt. Rev. Joseph Gomes of Krishnagar, the Vicar general and the three Salesians from Kalyani, where a small group of faithful too participated along with the religious and MC Brothers of the vicinity. In his brief homily, the bishop connected the Readings of the feast day: I Cor: 1:21-24 and Lk: 10: 21-24 to the life and virtues of Mother Mazzarello laying stress on her virtues of simplicity, joy, hard work and humility. He was very happy to have been present with us on this beautiful feast as he often remarks: “You are my own sisters and I love you all”. He even joined us for lunch. By afternoon he met all our co workers and gave them his blessings with a kind thought. By 5 p.m. our chapel was packed to capacity with about 40 Catholic women from our area, to pray the Rosary in honor of Mother Mazzarello and for the intentions of our community and mission. The day came to a joyous end with hearts filled with gratitude and love to God and to all who have made this day a “Happy Feast Day”. No doubt, then, each of us could sing in our hearts “Let’s go to Mornese to see our Mother,   Let’s go to Mornese to find how life was there. Let’s go to Mornese to breathe its spirit. Let’s go to Mornese its virtues to relive.

Mother Mazzarello celebration


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