EARTH DAY Celebration

Earth day Celebration

            The Nation celebrates 46th Anniversary of the Earth Day on 22nd April 2016. The members of the Bosco House, the incharge of the Eco Club organised the programme and the entire HCA family assembled in the school Auditorium to commemorate the Earth Day. The honourable Chief Guest was Mr. Ram Pal Singh, Inspector MCD and Mr. Sumit Ranjan, Inspector MCD graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour.

            The programme commenced with a prayer invoking the blessings of the Almighty, followed by the lighting of the lamp. The students further prayed to the God for wisdom and strength to protect His Creation. Thereafter Ishita Bisht, the Bosco House Captain shared her thoughts regarding the true purpose of celebrating the Earth Day not only on this one day but to clebrate it every day.

            Class IX students spoke about the ill-effects of life style on the environment and encouraging all to do their bit in saving the Earth- ‘Mother Earth is ailing, our Earth is the only source of life and we must save it at any cost’.

            Next students of Standard VIII recited a poem in Hindi, ‘Dharti Ka Dard’ depicting the plight of the ailing planet and urged all present there to take prompt action. This was followed by an entertaining and informative Street Play depicting the causes and effects of various types of pollution.

            The Chief Guest addressed the gathering and gave away the prizes for the Drawing Competition held on 21st April  2016. The students of both Middle and Senior School enthusiastically participated and presented their talent on the topics like, ‘Save Earth’, ‘Save the Ozone Layer’.

            The programme concluded with the Guests planting the saplings in the School Compound.

  • Mrs Rita Bakshi

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