The Parent’s seminar was organised for the first time in St. Mary’s – Geyzing on the 8th & 9th April 2016. Almost all the parents attended the seminar and the school hall was packed to its capacity. The purpose of this meeting was to make known to the parents Don Bosco’s system of education and  to create a platform where teachers and parents together to enrich the student’s educational experience and to discuss various issues for an all round development of the children.

The meeting began with the welcome address by Principal Sr. Lucy John. She welcomed Rev. Fr. Patrick Lepcha S.D.B, the Dean and Professor of Salesian college, Sonada , the resource person of the day. The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. L.P. Sharma, the Deputy Director of Education HRDD, West Sikkim.


Fr. Patrick explained clearly and efficiently the Preventive system of Don Bosco. With the help of the power point he stated the importance of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. He also said that “ if we can win the heart of a child, we can win them”.

The Deputy Director of Education Mr.P.L.Sharma congratulated and appreciated the school authorities for the excellent value based education imparted in the school for the past 25 years. He highlighted the good discipline and the good handwriting of the students. He expressed his joy and satisfaction for the quality of education that St. Mary’s school is disseminating to every child where moral education and religion is combined, which he personally feels that it is indeed a great vehicle towards becoming a better human being.

The Parents too appreciated the Management and staff for their dedicated service and above all appreciated the Principal for organising this type inspiring and enriching seminar.

After the session all the parents were asked to meet the Class teachers and the subject teachers to discuss the performance of their wards. Everyone returned home happily thanking copiously the Sisters.

Ms. Esha Gurung



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