A  Dedication : Provincial Visit

Provincial Visit

Under the umbrella of great love – Imploring God’s blessings from above

We welcomed our dear Mother provincial in a traditional way- That made every heart present to say

Welcome dear Mother Provincial – Offering her florets, smiles, tika, a sure additional

Stepping on to the beautiful Rongoli- Wishing colors of joy, love, peace as spring time in Holi

Ah! The washing of hands, a symbolic gesture– As the young girls performed in reverential vesture

Being ushered to the chapel with a golden key– Said Jesus “If anyone wishes to enter, enters through me

Symbolically she opened the chapel door– And open the hearts of her sisters to implore

Lighting the sacred lamp she then proceeds- Dispelling all darkness to intercede

Then followed special days of grace- Which in our journey of faith could never efface

It was Prayer Life, Community Life and our Mission – To live with enthusiasm, joy and a clear vision

The Constitutions was a sure guideline – And the Chapter Document that kept in line

Be merciful like our Heavenly Father- through corporal and spiritual works, merits to gather

Meeting the various groups she had a kind word to say– Boosting their spirits in a true Salesian way

“Thank You” is just but a single word– But pierces more sharply like a double edged sword

And so the community of Kalyani with grateful hearts– Said “Thank you dear Rose” its echo never to part

 By Sr. Geraldine B.


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