Reaching out

old age home 1

Observing the Lenten practice according to the ‘Jubilee Year Mercy’ the sisters and boarders of Auxilium Convent Barasat visited the nearby old age homes on 20th February 2016. They went in two groups. Mary Mazzarello and Our Lady group went to St. Vincent the Paul home and Sacred Heart and Don Bosco groups visited St. Anne’s old age home.

old age h.

Though there is sorrow in the lives of those inmates but the visit of sisters and boarders brought smile in their faces. Boarders sang songs and acted for them and spent some time talking and sharing their lives bringing smile and cheer in their saddened faces. The inmates were also provided with snacks. Some of the boarders expressed their feelings that they should visit them often and in their turn they shall never take such an action of sending someone to old age home.That experience really touched their hearts and they felt very sad to see the elderly people rejected by their own children. Indeed sisters and boarders were able to meet Christ in the suffering and elderly people.

Sr. BasantiFma


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