Diocesan Commission Meeting at Krishnagar


On 13th February 2016, the 49th meeting of the Diocesan Commission for Education and Culture was held at the Bishop’s House, Krishnagar at 3.30 p.m. Rt. Rev. Joseph Gomes presided over it along with Mr. Amiya Mondol, the Secretary, Fr. Sanjoy  Mondol and 12 other religious including Sr. Rosina and Sr. Geraldine from Kalyani.

The meeting commenced with a prayer led by Rt. Rev. Joseph Gomes followed by the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting which was seconded and passed. Fr. Sanjoy then forwarded the drought presentation on the Diocesan Education Policy noting its assets and liabilities offered by different catholic institutions. Sr. Goretti was absent to present the gist of the Regional Commission for Education and Culture, a meeting that was held at Kolkata on December 2015. The group present could not choose the Core team for finalizing the Education Policies as not all representatives of the Catholic Institutions were present.

Regarding the Teacher’s Orientation Program and Catechetical Day Observation which formed part of the Agenda, will be discussed in the next meeting to be held for the heads of the catholic institutions on 30th April 2016 at SANJIVINI. Fr. Sanjoy gave us details about the contribution made by the different institutions and about the Diocesan Fund. He also spoke of Child Protection Policy to be included when recruiting new staff members, one at the local level and one at the Diocesan level. The meeting concluded with a prayer thanking God and the Holy Spirit for their guidance, help and inspiration during the course of this gathering.


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