Catechism and Value Education Week celebration at Auxilium, Dum Dum


The Catechism and Value Education Week was celebrated in Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum from the 8 – 12 February, 2016. The main motive behind celebrating and organizing this event was to inculcate moral values and virtues within the students.

On the 8th  February, the Value Education Week was commenced with the theme of patience by class XI. The students conveyed their message “With patience, comes prosperity” beautifully through a play. The students acted as abstract values and showed how Prince Prosperity chose Patience as his bride in preference to all the other values, the catechism students presented “The Parable of the Wise and the Foolish Builders” through this they inspired all to build our life on good moral values.

On the 9th February class IX students enacted a play based on “Tolerance”. The participants were successful in portraying their theme through a play where the protagonist bore with the hurdles patiently and had the ability to tolerate the injustice around her in all the stages of her life.


On the 10th  February, the class VIII students had put up a programme based on “Obedience”. The skit revolved around a girl who excelled in her academics as she was obedient to her parents. They conveyed their message –“There is no virtue without obedience”. The catechism students gave the message that our talents are God’s gifts to us and what we do with them is our gift to God.

On the 11th February class VII students helped us to understand the moral value of “Honesty” through a skit. The Catechism students through their dance drama portrayed the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus and which showed us that even the deadliest of sins can be forgiven if one is repentant.


On the 12th February the Value Education Week celebration was rounded off with the performance of the students of class VI. They put up a show on the theme of “Love” which is the epitome of all the values. The skit was entitled “The Praying Hands”. The skit displayed the unfathomable love between two brothers.

Every day our dear Principal Sr. Esther concluded exalting the sisters, teachers and the students for their wonderful performance and on the last day she said “let our lives be strongly build on Respect, Honesty, Obedience and love of God.”

Thus we hope to imbibe these precious values and portray ourselves as the True Auxilians.

Riddhi Roy    XIC


The second instant of Primary Section’s Value Education and Catechism Week 2016 began with a lot of excitement and anticipation. The little ones of class I showed off their talent by enacting a small skit on “Cindrella” with the moral value –We should always be kind towards others, be patient and always have hope because God has a perfect plan for us which will be accomplished on time. The Catechism children brought us close to Jesus with the skit “Children-come to Jesus” which taught us that – unless we become like little children we cannot come close to Jesus or enter His Into Kingdom.

Class II children did not lag behind in their portrayal of the theme given to them. They told us about “The Thankful Mouse” which taught us that God sends us happiness as well as sadness so we should never give up hope but always thank the Almighty God as whatever happens is for our good. The Catechism children displayed to us from the Bible, about “The Lost Coin” and “The Lost Sheep”.

The class III students made us reflects through this skit “Our Conscience” from which we learnt that God watches over us always. The Catechism children displayed to us “The Parable of the Ten Lepers” which taught us to be grateful to the person who does anything good to us.


The class IV students showed off a beautiful skit “The Helpful Fairy” which taught us that Love is very precious and important in our life and where there is love there is God. The Catechism children displayed to us “The Parable of the Prodigal Son” which tells us that God waits for us to repent and turn to Him like the lost son so that we can enjoy His presence and be happy with Him for all eternity.

The class V students made us feel for our neighbours with the skit “Love your neighbor” which taught us to be kind and helpful to our neighbours. The Catechism children put forth “The numerous catch of fish” from which we received a wonderful message that Jesus is the captain of our ship. We need to remember in life that when God is with us, never to be afraid of anything.

Our dear Principal Sr.Esther Rani was always with us to encourage and to enlighten us with her edifying message.  She concluded saying that this week has been days of great enrichment, she thanked the sisters, teachers and students for taking lot of interest and making every moment very precious and full of values to learn for our lives.

Mrs. Lucy Ajay


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