Don Bosco is honoured …


D. BoscoA Day with the Father and the Friend at Auxilium Barasat

Feast of D. B.

On 30 January 2016 at Auxilium Convent Barasat there was a special Morning Prayer for sisters and the Don Bosco group honoured Mother Mary through a well animated Rosary.

The culmination of the celebration was at 5.45pm when whole community gathered around the Eucharistic Table of the Lord. There was joint entrance dance by boarders and the aspirants accompanying the celebrant to the Altar. Rev. Fr. Mourline Fernando SJ shared his reflection on his experiential point of view about the Salesian sisters. He referred two Biblical Hebrew words,which are very appropriate in the context of the life and mission of the Salesian sisters. First of all the Salesian sisters are the ‘Shekinah’ which means the ‘Dwelling place of God’: who continually accompanying each other in the community and also in the mission. God’s dwelling is felt by people who come in contact with them. They are the mirror image of Our Lady. The second word referred was, ‘Goel’ which means ‘to redeem’ –‘redeemer’- a person who as the nearest relative of another is charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs. In order to practice these two terms what requires is ‘P5’ Promise of hope, patience, praise, provision and promotion. He explained each term in the context of the recipients who are really taken care off, accompanied and promoted in life and given a future.

After the solemn Eucharistic celebration the get together for cultural evening, was exciting and enjoyable one. Aspirants and boarders performed many programmes and manifested their honour and love towards father and friend Don Bosco. At the end of the programme Sr. Stella P., the animator congratulated them for their wonderful and entertaining performance and invited everyone to imitate Don Bosco in cooperating with the plan of God; who in spite of hardships and difficulties fulfilled God’s plan in his life.

Sr. Basanti fma

Don Bosco is honoured at Auxilium, Kurtumgarh


On 31st January Don Bosco was honoured by the people of Kurtumgarh. During the Holy Mass Fr. Santosh Singh, the principal of Balliguda commented on Don Bosco’s love and service for the young and invited the faithful to pray for the Salesian Sisters of Kurtumgarh.  After the Holy Mass the people greeted the sisters on the occasion of the feast of Don Bosco.  Sr. Shanti briefed the gathering about Don Bosco’s childhood and his mission among the young.

In the afternoon feast was celebrated by the Oratorians and the coaching children. Various games were conducted and the winners were awarded with prizes. With the distribution of the sweets the celebration came to an end.

Feast day celebration of Bl. Laura Vicuna and Don Bosco at Mazzarello Convent Ranchi


On the 31th January Don Bosco was  honoured  with a solemn Eucharistic celebration together with the parishioners .The celebrant Fr. Renny Abraham SJ in his homily highlighted the great works of Don Bosco which is carried out by the fathers, sisters and other Salesian family members. He sighted many examples from the life of Don Bosco which is relevant for the people of every group. He concluded saying, if you young people have received much favor in this institutions this is because of Don Bosco, you in return should help other poor young people.


In the evening the boarders honored him with rhythmic dances and by presenting the life sketches of Don Bosco and Laura Vicuna. The celebration came to an end with the solemn evening prayer animated by Sr. Aruna.

Sr.Francis Lourdu Prema



3 thoughts on “Don Bosco is honoured …

  1. Dear children of Mazzarello Ranchi.You have honoured Blessed Laura with your songs, skits etc would you like to be one of living Laura today in the Salesian garden? Hope fully this dream will become true and you can be one of God’s Messenger of love.

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