Don Bosco is honored at Auxilium Dum Dum

Bon Bosco celebration

On 31 January 2016, the community of Auxilium Dum Dum celebrated the solemnity of Don Bosco together with the cooperators. Rev Fr. Vincent Mondol SDB, the Provincial bursar presided over the Holy Eucharist at 7.00 am.

DB Celebration.

On 31 January 2016, the students of Class VIII organized the Sports Day for the evening school Children at 1 pm. After the organization 9 events followed a short felicitation by the class VIIII students and by the evening school children. Prizes were awarded to the winners and consolation prize to all the participants. Everyone enjoyed the day with Don Bosco.


The red house celebrated the Feast of Don Bosco their patron saint. The programme commenced with a beautiful prayer service, during which complete Salesian family tree was depicted on stage. This innovative spirit of the red house members made everyone feel that we belong to a great Salesian family.  A skit was based on the theme of Don Bosco’s  mission to love. The plot of the skit revolved around the salvation of a prisoner, Richard. By listening to Don Bosco’s words and preaching’s he was saved and turned to live a good life. It was followed by a dance and a song in gratitude to God for Don Bosco, who loved music, entertainment, enjoyment, and celebration in the  Lord.   Superior Sr. Teresa Adampakallel, was invited on stage to free a dove as a symbol of peace, non violence and most yearned freedom. The programme was well appreciated by everyone present.  Sr. Superior thanked the Red house teachers and students for honoring Don Bosco with great love, expressing his message in such creative way.

Sheeba Pillai –  Cl XI





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