Inauguration of Don Bosco Week at Auxilium Aspirantate

Don Bosco week.

On 23rd January 2016 the Postulants and Aspirants at Auxilium Aspirantate, Barasat began the ‘Don Bosco week’ with the inaugural ceremony. The prayer service animated by the Marian and Mazzarello group led us to a deep union with God and to thank the Lord for the gift of our Father and Founder Don Bosco and to seek God’s blessing through his intercession. In the evening Sacred Heart, Marian, Don Bosco and Mazzarello groups presented the composed songs on Don Bosco.

Don Bosco – Father of youth

You are the father, friend of the youth

The light of darkness, the faith of men

Bosco- 2 Oh Bosco Bosco

We live for you and all we do

We do for you alone.

You are the great educator

Guide us to be the world protector

You taught us to serve God

With love and joy so that we can help others to enjoy

Don Bosco

Don Bosco wow o waka waka Don Bosco

Teach us the way and take us to heaven

This time for Don Bosco-2

To work among the poor young

O Lord we hear your call

As living signs of your designs

Don Bosco leads us all

So help us, in our prayers and deeds

Our great Salesian goal

We live for you and all we do

We’re one in heart and soul.


D.O.N B.O.S.C.O the word we love to say

It is the word that we all know

Don Bosco friend of the youth

Don Bosco we say your name

Bosco we say your name.

With full of love we say your name

With full of joy we say your name

With clapping hands we say your name

With smiling face we say your name

Don Bosco week


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