Tailoring Diploma

Tailoring Diploma

Mazzarello Training Centre runs for the poor women of the neighboring villages of Sahera, Ranchi. It embraces all creed and caste. It was realized in the year 1996 by Sr.Rose Civiero. From then onwards many young women secured autonomous trade and live a dignified life in the society. The girls are taught in a systematic and correct way tailoring, knitting, cross stitching, painting, coloring, cutting and stitching for a one year. Regular monthly tests are held to verify their knowledge.

On 15 January 2016 was a significant day for the 37 young girls and women as they concluded their course. During the Valedictory function they thanked the sisters with their rhythmic gesture and melodious voices. Sr.Mukta Kerketta in her valedictory speech exhorted the girls to develop their talents and potentiality and to create a family of peace and love.

Tailoring .

Sewing machines and certificates were given to 12 of them who completed their course successfully by Sr. Leela P the animator of the community. The girls expressed their gratitude to the sisters. A big thanks to Sr.Teresa Korattiparambil for her untiring work as their teacher and guide among the girls.

Sr.Lourdu Prema.F


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