EDUCP Policy Seminar 


On 29 and 30 December 2015, 50 Sisters from the different communities of the Province participated in the EDUCP  Policy Seminar  (Education and Child Protection Policy) at Auxilium Convent,  Bandel. The resource persons were Sr. Stella Potteparambil and Sr. Leelamma Palliparambil, the coordinators of the Education and Social Ministry Sectors of the Province. They commenced the seminar with the basin spirituality of sharing the Word of God. Sharing in the group was indeed a beautiful God experience for everyone.

Sr. Stella explained about the Education policy of the Province with regard to the Admission Policy, Curriculum, Terms and conditions, the important role of the Founder Body, Managing committee etc. She also transmitted about the World Congress for Catholic Education  which she  participated in Rome, 18-21 November 2015 on the theme “Educating Today and Tomorrow A renewing passion” on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration Gravissimum Educationis and on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Apostolic Constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

Sr. Leelamma through her presentation  dwelt about  the  various types of child abuses, prevailing  laws and rights, preventive measures, code of conduct, prohibitive behaviour, structure of the complain mechanism etc.  She also brought forth various examples through PPT in order to clarify the various skills.

Sr. Kanchan  Karuna  Bara  enlightened  the group  about the Educational Rights of Minorities.

The participants appreciated the Team members for organizing the seminar.

Reported by the participants



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