Christmas Celebration at Auxilium Barasat



This year Christmas had a new experience as Auxilium Barasat ventured to celebrate Christmas with people in periphery. On 18th December six teachers along with Sr. Basanti went to juvenile jail to share the joy of Christmas with 130 young boys. They sang Carrols and distributed cake, sweet and an orange. The boys had a smile on their faces and they felt that there are good people who think about them. The staff members assured the further reach out programmes in order to develop their talents and abilities as some of them are gifted with various talents.

Reaching outThe other group of 23 elderly people whom Auxilium convent Barasa
t is supporting with rice and dal every week had Christmas get together on 23rd December at 2.30 pm. They gathered in the Mazzarello hall where aspirants performed program to convey the message of Christmas. It was the first time those elderly people came to celebrate Christmas and experience the peace and joy of the birth of Christ. They were given tea party and addition of things in their ration. At the end they expressed their gesture of gratitude by meeting all the sisters and wishing for Christmas.

The joy of Christmas were expressed in sharing with different groups; boarders, house & office staff and Carrol singing groups from different institutions. The Holy Mass at 10.45 in FC convent brought together all the religious institutions. This was another moment of being together to manifest the joy and happiness of Christmas. The well-lighted house and unique crib gave lots of newness in the celebration. The thought of Emmanuel, God with us lingered in the heart and mind of everyone on and after Christmas.


One thought on “Christmas Celebration at Auxilium Barasat

  1. Dear sisters how kind and thoughtful your are to think of the less fortunate of the society.Remember if you love and care for the old and the helpless you will receive God’s blessing so you are the one who put into practice by showing love to these people.Congrats to all.

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