Christmas Celebration At Auxilium Dum Dum


On 18 December the Teaching Staff of Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum celebrated Christmas. They wished superior Sr. Teresa A and the sisters a very happy Christmas. On this occasion they prepared a live crib and sang Christmas carols. At the end Superior reciprocated the greetings of the Teachers. There was a Christmas joy which could be felt by all.


On 20 December the Oratorians, evening school and parallel school children, of Auxilium Convent Dum Dum celebrated Christmas. Sr. Esther, the chief guest of the celebration was escorted to the venue by the children. As sign of welcome they garlanded her and offered a bouquet of flower. The celebration was consisted of dances, skit and songs. Prizes were distributed for the winners, for the events that had taken place throughout the year. Sr. Esther thanked them in the name of Superior and in her Christmas message she invited them to become builders of love, peace and joy. Christmas gifts were distributed to all.



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