Christmas Celebration at Auxilium Convent School, Bandel


On 17th December 2015, Auxilium Convent School, Bandel was a hubbub of excitement as it was the day of judgement of the crib making competition. For the four houses, sites were allotted all around the school campus. Two and a half days time was allotted for crib making.

The houses were also busy preparing the live cribs. Students were given time to prepare the cribs till 17th December. The cribs were supposed to judge on 18th December. But the night of 17th December, saw a raging storm accompanied by heavy showers. It was a night of anxiety and apprehension for the students as well as teachers who spent the night pondering about the fate of their cribs.

Crib..But the morning of 18th was a day of miracles as everyone found that all their cribs were in perfect state. This doubled up their enthusiasm and they started preparing the live cribs. The Judges for the crib were invited from outside. The main- stage event began with the carols of the primary and junior classes followed by the carol singing and orchestra of the middle school and  the high school.

At the end of the event, Sr. Superior, Sr. Elizabeth announced the Green House as the winner of crib making competition and the Red & Green House as the joint winners for the live crib. The day came to an end with Sr. Superior delivering the Christmas message and wishing everyone happy holidays.



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