Newscast from Auxilium Convent School, Bandel

Commemoration of St. Mary MazzarelloCelebration

On 11th December 2015, Class VII C of Auxilium Convent School Bandel, portrayed the three virtues from St. Mary Mazzarello’s life which were self sacrifice, tolerance and generosity. It was presented through a meaningful sketch. In the skit, the student highlighted importance of prayer. They exhorted the audience to instill these virtues within them and to be living saints spreading the fragrance of peace and harmony, wherever they go and in whatever they do.

Roshni Banerjee

Class XI-C


On 12th December, 2015 Auxilium Convent School, Bandel organized a picnic for the teaching staff. The picnic spot was Amrakunja, Mankundu. Superior Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil, Principal Sr. Rejina Joseph & Vice-Principal Sr. Prisca Bara along with the teaching staff had a fun-filled day admiring the landscape, singing songs and playing various games. The teachers are appreciated the management and will cherish such an outing and are eagerly looking forward to many such days in future.

                                PAST PUPIL’S ENROLMENTPP Entrolment 14.12.15 036

On 14 December 2015, Auxilium Convent School, Bandel, Past Pupil’s Association members conducted the Enrolment Ceremony for the outgoing ISC Students. During the prayer service, the outgoing pupils pledged earnestly to follow the values taught since childhood and be faithful to their Alma Mater by providing service to the under privileged of the society. They were offered Past Pupil’s Identity Card by the Principal Sr. Rejina and Sr. Teresa T. They also promised to be committed members of the association.


One thought on “Newscast from Auxilium Convent School, Bandel

  1. Dear teachers greetings from Kathmandu.I was so thrilled to see some of my old friends in the Photo for I reminded that once I was part of Auxilium Bandel as a teacher.You might have enjoyed to be by your selves. Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello too might have been very happy to see you happy having lots of fun and laughter. Oh yea just for a day free from responsibilities and noise pollution of the Class- Room. You all look bright and Gay.

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