Exhibition held at Auxilium Convent School, Bandel


The students of Auxilium Convent Bandel conducted the Exhibition on 26 -27 November, 2015. The exhibition which believed in creatmite, Talent, Habilete which translates to creativity, Talent and skill, was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Guest, Mr. Jagannath Banerjee, the CEO of the Academy of Technology. He was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Anadita Banerjee. They were escorted to the school portico by the school Guides Rajya Purashkar recipients. In the presence of Principal, Sr. Rejina Joseph, Superior Sr. Elizabeth, the chief guest declared the opening of the Exhibition. The inauguration ceremony witnessed the slow march of the Club Cabinet consisting of the Club President, Vice President and Secretary, carrying the logos of their respective clubs. The slow march was followed by the releasing of the hot air balloon made by a student of class VIII, Harsha Bihaani.

The exhibition was organized by the various clubs, exhibiting their models which spoke volumes of the talents, intellects and ideas of the students. The Science Club amazed the guests and parents through their innovative scientific experiments. The Dance Club portrayed various dance forms through dry as well as live models, the guests departed from the Literary Club after a voyage through the power of imagination and words. The Music Club displayed hand-made models of various musical instruments, the Geography Club presented the idea as to how powerful nature can be. The Art Club exhibited paintings, art pieces and jeweler made by students, the Sports Club imparted knowledge on various games from around the world and The Cyber Club display of socially burning issues like internet security and social networking left the guests in awe.

Along with the demonstrations, the Music Club, Dance Club and Literary Club conducted live performances in the school hall which filled the ambience with cultural extravaganza. The Music Club members sang melodies of all decade which filled the atmosphere with musical aroma, the Dance Club members took the audience on a short trip through the world of performing arts and the Literary Club staged a theatrical representation on the life of Malala Youso fzai, the youth icon.

These two-day experiences enriched the intellects of the students as well as the visitors in the best way possible and everyone took home memories to cherish forever and a day.



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