Visit to the Earth Saviours Foundation

joy of giving

On 3rd December 2015, almost 40 students of Standard VII H.C. Auxilium Vasant Vihar, accompanied by Sr.Theresina, Ms. Preet & Ms. Ribu, visited  the Earth Saviours Foundation, to learn Sharing and Caring, under the Joy of Giving Week Celebration.

Mr. Ravi Kalra is the founder and president of the Earth Saviours Foundation, situated in Bandhwari Village, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, near Teri Golf Course, District Gurgaon, It is an internationally organized NGO. The foundation is dedicated to serve less privileged people, destitute children, abandoned senior citizens, victimized women and mentally disabled people. Also, this foundation is making every possible effort to protect the environment.

The children voluntarily contributed for the packaged eatables. Students presented a short programme for the NGO people to give them happiness and joy. Students really liked that place and they were very much impressed. They expressed their wish to visit that place once again with their family members and friends. It was actually a meaningful visit to make the children realize the real meaning of sharing and caring with the people in truly in need.

Ms.Rita Bakshi


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