Celebrating togetherness

Community DayOn 25th November 2015, the boarders and sisters of St. Anthony’s Convent “Nirmala Niketan” celebrated the community day. The day began with the Holy Eucharistic celebration, specially praying for all the intensions of Sr. Lily D’Souza the animator of the community. The community day further drew the sisters and boarders together as they had their meal together.

Happiness overwhelmed everyone when the boarders had their games organized by the sisters. The boarders thoroughly enjoyed playing journey by air route and the other games. The games brought an air of thrill and energy to all.Community Day ..

Finally the day ended after a short stage program by the boarders. Wishes and gifts were presented to Sr. Lily by all the boarders, the residential teachers and co-workers as their token of love.  At last a movie ‘Life is beautiful’ was shown to all.  The day’s celebration brought joy, happiness and feeling of love in each and everyone.

Susanna Sharma

Class XI


One thought on “Celebrating togetherness

  1. Congratulations to you all for the wonderful celebration of the community day. May the bond that existed continue to be stronger day by day.

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