Christmas Carol Singing Competition 

Carol singingOn 29th November 2015, Aspirants participated in the Christmas Carol Singing Competition which was held in the parish church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Barasat. It was organized by the Parish Priest and his team. Ten groups participated in the competition – RNDM candidates, Charity Sisters, Providence sisters, YCS, Youth movement, Women association, Auxilium Aspiratate etc. The aspirants presented the singing in three different languages such as English, Hindi and Uriah. Aspirantants melodious blending voices and active presentation led them to attain the 1st prize. They were happy to proclaim the coming of Jesus through our singing.  It was the great and memorable day and we raise our hearts and minds to thank the Lord for this day.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Carol Singing Competition 

  1. Dear Aspirants, Hearty Congratulations.Well done. It was a good news to hear that you left no stone upturn you won the first first Prize for the Christmas Caro.l Good cheer and keep it up. We are proud of you.

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