Catechetical Day – Nirmala Niketan, Jaigaon

Jaigaon ....

JaigaonNirmala Niketan, Jaigaon celebrated the Catechetical Day on 8th November 2015. The theme of the celebration was “Love is our mission” which waved throughout the celebration making it more lively, joyful and memorable.Jaigaon ..

The day began with Holy Eucharistic celebrated by Rev.
Fr. Rajesh Barla, the Parish Priest at It was followed by a program based on Gospel themes.  All the catechism students, their parents, teachers along with all the sisters of the community took an active part in it. At the end of the program Sr. Margaret the Principal exhorted the parents to help their children and to cultivate a strong mindset so as to excel in academics as well. All the parents were happy and wanted to have such type of celebration every year.

Prity Bhujel

Class XI


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