CATECHETICAL DAY at Auxilium Dum Dum

Catechetical day, Dum Dum

On 11th November 2015, Auxilium Convent School, Dum Dum was honoured with the opportunity to organize and host the ZONAL CATECHETICAL DAY 2015. Apart from ACS Dum Dum, Auxilium Barasat, Bandel and Gobra also joined us for the Catechetical Day.  We were 125 participants. The theme of the event was “To appreciate one’s own femininity as God’s precious gift”.  A renowned doctor and councilor Dr. Sipra Goswami MBBS enlightened us with the precious gifts of womanhood. She made us realize how fortunate we are to be female whom God has trusted with the ‘Machine of Life’, to be a source of and reason for carrying on life and she also cleared many of our doubts regarding our emotional and physical problems.

Short movies were shown to instill in us the moral values of respect, life of sacrifice, care and concern for the other, examine oneself etc. We also learnt many new exercises and action songs.

We were shuffled amongst ourselves into seven groups bearing names of important women from the Scripture like Ruth, Judith, and Magdalene etc. We learnt the value of team work and oneness which helped us to put up the Gospel plays successfully. Group ‘Ruth’ stood first, group ‘Magdalene’ stood second and group ‘Suzana’ stood third. The day’s program ended with prizes distribution and gifts. All the students were grateful to Sr. Esther & Sr. Basanti who took the initiative and all the other sisters who collaborated with them to organize this meaningful and enriching day for us and we hope to be a part of more of such experiences in the future.

Snigdha Bhattacharyya – X A

Gnyana Sheeba Pillai   – XI C


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