Month of  the Holy Rosary


To conclude the beautiful month dedicated to our Blessed Mother of the Holy Rosary, Holy Mass was offered at the grotto of Our Lady at Matpara village at 6.30 a.m. Together with the parishioners, sisters from Auxilium, Kalyani and boarders participated in it to express their love and devotion to her. In the evening at 5 p.m. there was an hour of adoration at the Church followed by a candle light procession round the whole village as the Holy Rosary was being prayed for many intentions, hymns sung to honor and praise our blessed Mother. Besides this the entire month had a special place praying the Rosary with greater devotion and love for Mary. Daily, sisters from Auxilium, Kalyani prayed the Rosary in different families which was an encouragement for the people. On 29th October, 40 women folk including a few children prayed the Rosary at Auxilium Kalyani with devotion, singing hymns praising the glories of Mary. Indeed we all could acclaim: “All ends well that has begun well”. So it was with Mary our dear Blessed Mother at the start of this great month.  What marvels Mary has worked for us, indeed we are glad, blessed and holy be Her name.


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