Three essential aspects for a happy living: Faith, Prayer and Trust in God

retreat 2The spiritual retreat for the Catholic students of Auxilium Convent School Barasat commenced on 31st October 2015 at 8.45 am.and ended with holy Mass on 1st November at 1.30 pm. Altogether 43 students participated actively in the spiritual retreat preached by Rev. Fr. Eugene Kujur SDB the Vice Principal of Don Bosco School Liluah. He instilled awareness of the fact that human being are both spiritual /Divine and human. Therefore it is the prime duty to take care of both human body and the spiritual aspect else one will become handicap and will always be limping. The balance between human and spiritual aspect will make a person a balanced person. Through his simple talks and sharing of various experiences he invited the students to develop three important things in life; prayer, faith and trust in God in order to lead a happy life. He stressed on the fact of being true to oneself as God has created human beings in His likeness and image. Nothing can add the beauty in the creation of God neither cosmetics nor plastic surgery. Accepting oneself as the unique creation is the only one thing which makes a person contented. Respect for oneself and for others is essential and to love someone means to be ready to make sacrifices and also be ready to be betrayed as Jesus was betrayed by his own chosen ones.He also challenged them with the fact that the change is a painful process but it is indispensable to attain happiness. One needs to make a right choice for life and also need to have a spiritual guide who can support constantly in order to make right choices in life. One’s vocation has to be followed and also believe in oneself to be someone and to do something great in life. The students were given much help through talk and Taize prayer to prepare themselves to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They had two long hours to put forward their queries and the preacher tried to clarify their doubts. Many of them asked various doubts regarding the Scripture and others about the present situations in the societies. In this way they had not only prayer experience but also the opportunity to ask and clarify many teenagers’ doubts and clarifications.retreat 1 The feast of all Saints day was another invitation to cooperate with God’s grace in attaining sanctity and be grateful to the saints who intercede for the various needs of the world. In this way they had a wonderful opportunity to develop their conviction and conscience to be happy here and in the life to come. They expressed gratitude towards father and sisters for this wonderful occasion for the development of faith.

Sr. Basanti fma


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